Tuesday, July 31, 2007

CC2 - Week 1 - Music and Sound Processing

On the left is my 'PoplessAmp', which allows changing of volume without pops or clicks. On the right is my 'PoplessDAC', which allows switching on and off of a stereo signal output without pops or clicks. I also like to say 'Popless' as often as I can.

~Patches ZIP 3KB

I can see that MSP is going to require a change in lateral thinking from normal Max, however so far everything seems fairly logical. I look forward to fully utilising all the tools that are available, and I'm sure everyone in the class will have drastically different outcomes through their experiments. I have a feeling that music theory (real music theory) is going to absorb a lot of time this semester, which will no doubt effect my usual fervor for tech-related projects.

My main issue was deciphering exactly what was asked of us in the 'handout'. The first issue is for the (a) amplitude object - it says the ramp time should be set via the "custom object's argument". As far as I know an argument will apply to the inputs of an object, however we were to create "an amplitude object that takes two inputs, an audio signal and a volume value". To have an argument control ramp time, an additional input is required. Unless there is some way to have specific argument controls...? In (b) stereo output object, I was not sure whether the object should be containing the DAC, or if it is to be connected to a DAC. In any case, my version contains the DAC as it saves on having multiple outputs.

Help files are contained in the ZIP.

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